Montpelier Re Holdings, Ltd. was a holding company that operates its corporate office in Pembroke, Bermuda. It had several subsidiaries that operate based in Bermuda and offered insurance and reinsurance solutions.

The company provided access to the global property reinsurance market to their institutional and retail investors. Its main operating subsidiary was the Montpelier Reinsurance Ltd. The latter was registered as a Class four insurer. In July 2015, the entire company was acquired by Endurance, Inc. All of the assets of the business were merged with the existing operations of Endurance. The acquisition deal was valued to be around $40.24 per common shares. Subsequently, Montpelier Re Holdings, Ltd. got delisted from the New York Stock Exchange.

The acquisition of the company further bolstered the position of Endurance in the specialty insurance market. Endurance is a multi-billion insurance company, which was started in 2001. It operates on a global scale and offers a wide range of insurance and reinsurance solutions.