Founded on the simple and powerful idea of freedom, London-based Keepod is dedicated to helping consumers live their technology in a new way. The company has created a credit card-sized device that serves as your desktop, online identity card, and service card – basically, it stores your entire digital identity on a secure, portable drive. Keepod allows you to load your personal OS – apps and files and all – on any computer in under 30 seconds. No need to lug around heavy laptops anymore; just plug the USB card in and you’re good to go.

Keepod is also NFC-enabled, so you can use it to pay for public transportation or unlock the door to your office building, among others. What happens if your Keepod gets misplaced or stolen? You lose the device, but not your stuff. Because Keepod is military-grade encrypted, no one else can access your data. So in case you lose it, you simply get a new card and restore your data from a physical backup or the cloud.